Hopsurf Beta Launched!

Hi Guys

Happy to announce the launch of our new service Hopsurf! http://www.hopsurf.com/

What is hopsurf:

Its a way to “Watch Internet” (like you watch TV but now you can watch Internet)

Its a way to discover new and relevant sites on Internet (how can you find new funky stuff for yourself for your interest? Well now you can…) This also has the ability to auto surf and many other features as well as backend infrastructure for Social Authentication.

Why launch Hopsurf:

Its because Every decision you make is an important authentication information. This helps Comodo Authenticate web content and make that available back to you!

The dawn of Social Authentication begins right here, right now!

HopSurf beta currently supports the following browsers:

-Internet Explorer 5.01 and above
-Firefox 2.x
-Firefox 3.x
-Netscape Navigator

As always looking for your valuable feedback.

thank you


PS: Welldone to the Hopsurf team who worked very hard to make this happen.

Does the toolbar work with Firefox?

Intressting, is this going to replace our beloved Ask toolbar? :o or do we get a option to install both? ;D (just joking the product looks great, have only checked the page thou, not the software)

Anyway how do you mean that this is like watching the tv? I don’t see Homer Simpson moving on my screen… 88) ;D

yes it will replace the ask toolbar.


So does it work with Firefox?

Hey Melih,

If i search for tag “security” you don’t turn up nr1: in the list >:-D how’s that :wink:

Is this like stumble upon ?

put our website to your “I like” list then pls :slight_smile:

Its the next level to stumble upon…

this has the ability to auto surf and many other features as well as backend infrastructure for Social Authentication. Its not just a tool like others, its an infrastructure that has a tool if you know what i mean…


I think i have some idea :wink:

Ok…I found out that it does work with Firefox.

No thanks to anyone here. ;D :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding. :slight_smile:

I installed this less than 12 hours ago and I am already LOVING it! The HopSurf button is just so cool - I’ve seen a couple of really interesting sites I WOULD NEVER HAVE FOUND ON MY OWN using this handy tool. I love it even more because it allows you to surf the web safely with SafeSurf (buffer overflow protection) and a quick link to the online Comodo AV scanner.


Hey guys! Check my latest blog entry out; I made a humble (not humbling, LOL!) review about Comodo HopSurf. Here’s the URL:

Melih, Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to add or correct on my blog and I’ll include them as additional notes in my entry. Thanks!

Very nice, thank you lucienium!


Intriguing stuff, look forward to having a play with it later.


I just found about hopsurf and I am trying it as we speak

Hopsurf Beta Released!

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