Hopsurf Beta Bug Report

Since there is no Bug Report thread, i made one. :slight_smile:

I have a bug, take a look at picture bellow.

Im on windows XP Media Center SP3
with IE 8, and VE beta.

This Bug does not happen always, it started to happen after i installed Verification Engine

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Hi OmeletGuy.
Thanks for the feedback.
It may happen after you change screen settings (like dpp or dpi, or windows theme) and didn’t restart the PC. If you didn’t do that please describe what actions did you do before this happen.
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I cant redo it right now but i will try again soon. ;D

Stickied it.

I cant copy what happen.

but i am getting some Memory Errors with HopSurf on IE8.

I will take a ScreenShot next time it happens.

Here are some screen shots of the errors.

This crashs all the tab’s, and some times it doesnt it only crashs some of them not all.

Only happens with beta.
XP SP3 with IE8 and CIS.

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Do you really think that it’s a HopSurf problem?
Do you have any other add-ons in IE? If yes, try to disable HopSurf.dll , and, if the problem is reproduce - this is not a HopSurf problem :wink:

(it’s also could be some Rootkit or other malware, so try out some things like Gmer, AVZ, DrWeb CureIT, RkU.)

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I know its HS it only happens when HS is on, its never has happen when its off or before this beta.