Hopsurf Beta Released!

Hopsurf is now available for beta testing and is download from:


New in this version:
ADDED Start Menu item for Hopsurf Homepage.
FIXED start menu labels
FIXED Add/Remove programs labels.
FIXED Login issue with hopsurf url.
FIXED:SendTo action doesn’t show sending URL in Firefox
FIXED:Add websites sorting order on Websites page
FIXED:Notification about incoming e-mail is shown when incoming mail is read/deleted
FIXED:Incorrect tag autocompliter behaviour on bookmark page
FIXED:Statistics for HS toolbar and HS JS toolbar are different
FIXED:Notifications about incoming e-mail aren’t shown in IE
FIXED:Improper reloading of JavaScript dialog
FIXED:Removed default user’s gender in incoming friend’s request.
FIXED:User’s Options page has dublicate of Home link
FIXED:URL in TagIT window should be the same as URL in address bar.