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I have CD setup to open a specific web page.

Home page Setting/Section

* Open this page: my home page

The setting is not working, it’s still opening up the new tab page.

I have restarted the browser, but no luck.

any ideas?


Working fine here Dragon

In the section above the one you mention:

On startup have you got the radio button set to Open the homepage?


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in the above section

On startup Reopen the pages that were open last.

Which is what I want.

I only want my home page when opening new tabs.

I did try changing the On startup to open the home page, but that didn’t work either.

So what you want is to replace the New Tab page with your Homepage.

I don’t think you can, they are different animals.


that’s really too bad :frowning:

Check this extension out.

It works a treat for what you want.

Thanks for making me look into it.


thx!!! ;D

i was lookin for that extension, i couldn’t remember it.

takes care of my issue