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Hello I.m new, well old really but I feel young, looking for some help. I found this great firewall about 2 months ago and when I ran setup it gave me the chance to block all pc’s on my home network. I had to reformatt hard drive and when I put this program back on it did not offer me this. So I want to know how to check if pc’s on my home network are blocked and if not how to do it Many thanks davybeat


See here: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,5340.0.html

For the network rules and how to set them up to block specific IP addresses (other computers on your network). Also Turn off File and Printer Sharing in windows by Right clicking the wireless icon, clicking Status and then Properties and then unchecking FIle and Printer sharing.


Many thanks will read and try to make some sence of it.

Hi davybeat :slight_smile:

May I just confirm exactly what it is you wish to achieve. Is it, that you wish to block PCs on your network, accessing your PC; Or that you wish to block PCs on you LAN, from accessing the Internet. Perhaps it’s something else…


Hello I just want to firewall my pc from the other pcs on my home network this equals two others. As I said Im sure the first time I put this program on it gave me the choice, but I had to reformat my hard drive and when I put fire wall back on it did not give me this choice. Many thanks Davybeat