home network addresses blocked

Why in the world does enabling your DNS, even on my router, result in being unable to resolve home PC names? I’m talking names without any dots–the Computer Name as set up in Windows. For some reason, these will not resolve if I have your DNS set.

Now, I understand why this would happen if I set the individual PCs to that DNS. It would be bypassing the router’s built-in DNS, and thus has no way to resolve local network names. But when I change the settings on the router itself, this makes no sense. I do not have this problem with any other manually set DNS, whether Google’s or any of the ones set by my ISP. And, of course, keeping even one of those around defeats the purpose of using your DNS server, as it will get around it.

As it is, I’m having to not use your service. You’ll note this isn’t a support request. This is feedback. There is no reason this should be the case. Server names without dots should always resolve locally.