Home key feature not working!

XP SP3 After my monthly uninstall, defrag, image (Paragon), re-install v.166 CTM will not open from the Home key. I uninstalled it and re-installed the second time with the same result. I’m not really sure I had v.166 prior to today. I’ll try another version tomorrow. The Home key feature is at least about 50% of the advantage of the program, if you know what I mean!

So I installed v.157 with the same result. I’m thinking perhaps Avast is protecting the MBR. I was using a-squared and just recently switched to Avast and have had Online Armor for a long time.

hi, ratchet

Avast 5? Can you launch CTM in Windows?

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Yes, Avast 5. CTM works normally from it’s GUI, including restoring, however, despite the CTM splash screen or logo present at startup, the Home key feature does not work. Also, my Home key works fine, as I use it all the time to instantly scroll to the top of web pages. This is a really important feature. I’ve had to use it several times after software installs or security updates that have created nothing but the BSD at boot.

Home key working and I’m using avast Internet Suite… Can’t see a correlation with avast…

Does anyone think I should go into the BIOS and manually select the boot order to CTM. Although I’ve been in the BIOS occasionally, I haven’t really checked to see how things are setup. If this isn’t a plausible fix I’m not even going to check.

ratchet, the BIOS could change the hard disk order to boot (or use USB drives to boot).
I can’t see a way to manage CTM through boot (although I’m learning the use of the software).
avast protects the MBR from infection. CTM changes are clean ones and not blocked by avast.

Ok, thanks! I actually have CTM excluded in AVAST so indeed it should not be the problem. This is one of those crazy pc things that are hard to figure. I’ve used AyRecovery or CTM now for about 17 months and have never experienced this problem.

I was thinking the opposite. Excluding avast within Comodo synchronization.

ratchet, CTM has nothing to do with your bios as far as making modifications to it is concerned.

However, I believe your Home key problem does reside in the bios settings. I’m guessing your using a USB keyboard. If you are then you need to go into the bios settings and look for the option to enable USB support in DOS mode…or something like that.

If you do have a USB keyboard then this would explain why your home key works in your browser and not at the CTM preboot console. Avast has nothing to do with your issue.

If on the other hand you have a PS/2 keyboard then im at a loss as to why your home key is not working at CTM’s pre boot console. ???

Oh, thank you so much carful! I haven’t attempted the fix yet, however, I’m sure you are correct as I replaced the PS/2 key board with this USB key board about six weeks ago.
So I just tried to enter the BIOS and immediately realized I have the same problem. I’m going to have to hunt down a PS/2 key board!

Thank you very much for support! :slight_smile:

Thought you might find this interesting, although it doesn’t pertain to CTM. After booting into the BIOS with a PS/2 board it appeared that everything USB related was already “On” or enabled but the USB board still didn’t work. I did ■■■■■ the case on a hunch though! Fortunately I do that quite often. I’m in my sixties so I’m way behind on the PC curve. Anyway, I’d installed a PCI card to accommodate the USB keyboard. Noting that every thing concerning USB was on or enabled in the BIOS, I plugged the printer into one of the new card ports (tested it, all features work) and plugged the keyboard into the port that the printer was using, which is one of the ones native to the tower, and that took care of it! Thanks for your help!

This makes perfect sense. Had you mentioned that your keyboard was plugged into a PCI card i would have told you to unplug and plug straight into the MB ports as you have done.

The Bios setting only works when directly plugged into the MB. ;D Well done!