Hmmm... Google says you office from your car ;-)

If I wave on my way through the Holland Tunnel, will you wave back? I’ll bring donuts…

Zoinks! We’ve been discovered! We’re actually running the 2nd largest high assurance certificate authority in the world out of an old Honda Civic! In fact, if you look closely enough, you’ll see Egemen working out of the trunk!


Actually we’re in the building on the left: File:Jersey-city-new-jersy-night.jpg - Wikipedia

And here’s a link to some more shots of the area, including the extremely exclusive food court where we have our nutricious lunches…

I was bored, so after scheduling a flight to Newark, I thought I’d look to see how close you were. I’ll pass right by you on the way to the apt in Manhattan. Make sure to wave toward the highway on the 20th, right around lunchtime. (:WAV)

we are on the 20th floor of the tallest green building :slight_smile: you’ll see what i mean :slight_smile:


That parking lot has enough room for a Beowolf cluster of Civics. Or maybe a less complex RAIC array?

yes :slight_smile:
our building is next to a shopping mall, which makes it quite handy really :slight_smile:


Seeing those monolithic buildings makes me feel glad to live out sticks. Only 2mb DSL but I can breakfast with the birds singing and walk on the beach within 5 minutes.