HLDS (Half life dedicated server)

Hi, I have recently tried to create a counter-strike dedicated server but unfortunately I cant manage to put it live.

I created rules, forwarded some ports, but none of it helped. I even connected to the server from another computer in LAN in hope of understanding the connections but without any luck.

I’m using port 27015. I created the following rules:


and forwarded the port 27015 just udp

Is this rule a Global Rule or a rule for the cs-server application?

Can you show a screenshot of your Global Rules and of the cs-server application rule?

This is the rule that I created for the cs-server application


As for the global rules I put alert me to incoming connections and make my ports stealth on a per-case basis.


Try changing the IN rule for cs-server to Allow IP in from IP Any to IP Any Where Source port is Any and Destination Port is 27015.

When that doesn’t work do the same thing for the cs-server Out Rule.