Hitman Pro 3 (beta)

I remember Hitman Pro as a multi-scanner application,well now it’s turned into an ‘in the cloud’ scanner similar to Prevx CSI.

What’s interesting is that it utilises Antivir,Prevx,Nod32,Ikarus & A-squared technologies to audit your system.Since all the scanning is done remotely there’s no software to install just a client.In theory this should have an excellent detection rate including stealth malware.

It uses the same business model as CSI,unlimited free scans,with a 7 day trial for malware removal.It seems like it has merit as a second (and 3rd,4th,etc) opinion as to what’s on your system.

I used the Hitman Pro v2 it was pretty good I think I will try out 3.0 beta.
Thanks for the update.


It definitely looks interesting. They use multiple engines so it should detect more than a single program, but a lot of programs have overlapping databases, so you might ge a few thousand more sample protections. However, the price is nice. :slight_smile: Interesting concept of keeping it in the wild as well. :stuck_out_tongue: I may try it on my dad’s PC. The webpage didn’t say anything about 64 bit compatibility.

Not only is Comodo the first free suite, but also one of the firsts in 64 bit land with it’s firewall. 8) So, I think I will stick with Comodo on my PC though. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s 64bit compatible or not,however there’s no need to make a choice between this or CIS.It’s just an on demand scanner so no substitute for any other real time security.

On paper it looks like a real winner,the benefit of all those top scanners without any impact on system resources.It’s a very interesting concept and with the current trend towards in the cloud technology,this could become prevailent.It’s a natural evolution of the traditional web-scanner.

One nice point was that CIS already whitelisted this application,hopefully a sign of a much improved database to come. (V)

I wish it was free. 88)

It is, only the cleaning will cost you money…


I know, and that’s the part I want (I could do it myself I guess…).

They offer a 7 day free trial of the removal feature,so you can clean up at least one infection for free.

Ok. Just scanned, all clean. ;D