HIPS tray entry dissapeared[SOLVED].

Following a Windows 10 update, the tray icon entry for HIPS dissapeared.

The rest of entries (Antivirus, VirusScope etc.) are still there.

HIPS can be enabled - disabled, from the main antivirus interface.
If you think it’s a bug to be reported, just tell me.
CAV v. on Win 10 x64 Pro v.10.0.17134.619
Self diags, didn’t find any problem.


You are in basic view, you need to switch to advanced view to show HIPS in tray icon.

THANKS futuretech!!! :wink:

(After a week or so), today when I login, the HIPS entry was here (without even changing to advanced view).
Maybe (just maybe), what needed, was a forum post! ;D
If I have this problem at future, I’ll follow your suggestion.

THANKS again!!!