HIPS Technology marginalization compared with Sandbox


What the real reason behind the cancellation of property “threatcast rating”?
I see it’s been an excellent help users make the right decisions.

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Many use “legal” software change executable or DLL, for example. In such cases can induce other users to allow unknown software on your computer.
Today there is already the analysis in the cloud, which is a similar service as the only responsible to comodo company.
Also has messages in HIPS popups: “this software is safe …”, “This software is not recognized, it is not a daily use software …”

Is there

The real reason as opposed to what? I find it strange you are not stating the other reason and that has my radar up a bit.

I can’t recall why it was removed because it is a long time ago. It was part of one of the 3.x incarnations. I did not care about it like I don’t care about other community driven judgment systems like WoT. What does it mean that 76% thought that a file was safe or not safe?

Over time Comodo focused on whitelisting, sandboxing and Valkyrie (which is now spreading its wings) as ways to take away decisions from the users as much as possible. It’s part of Melih’s mission to make CIS usable for the masses. He believes people should not have to pay to be secure online.

I agree. If we could go simply based on users’ decisions, we wouldn’t need security software in the first place, because no one would download any bad software. I believe that the decisions on file verdicts should be left to the professionals and their systems created specifically for that purpose. All someone would have to do is download and run a bad file many times on purpose, in order to trick other consumers into agreeing with the threat tracker rating and run malicious software.