HIPS Rulesets Edit Window not resizable

Double clicking on a “Ruleset Name” item in “HIPS->Rulesets” opens a fixed size edit window.
The edit window misses the sizing gadget in the lower right corner unlike all other windows in CIS.

Make the edit window resizable or at least in vertical direction so that all “Access Name” items fit in the edit window at the same time.

in some parts setting, not is possible size window… it is leave program more light :-TU

Hello Liosant,

I understand that you like to leave the program more light and that it is sometimes not possible to size window.
However, double clicking on a “Application” item in “HIPS->HIPS Rules” opens up an edit window which looks the same as the “Ruleset Name” fixed size edit window but in contrast the “Application” edit window is resizable.

If, for some reason, live resizing is not possible for this fixed size edit window could you enlarge the fixed size edit window in vertical direction instead so that all “Access Name” items fit into the window?

Was wondering if the edit window will be made resizable or only enlarged vertically or keep it as is.

if you refer to the part where we added the application, just click on the location and right key :-TU

Hi Liosant,

Please see attached image. I refer to red circle, there is no size gadget.
In green circle there is a size gadget. :-TU

I honestly think that this does not hinder the good use of the computer or to configure the program :wink:

It would just be more user friendly and more edit friendly when all items would fit in the window at the same time without having to scroll up and down with the slider at the right side.

All windows in CIS are sizeable only this one is not. :-\

Yes, but this practicality can facilitate the injection of command scripts such as: automatic addition of applications, deactivation of modules … :-TU

I think I don’t quite follow that…

I mean all other windows are resizable so are these windows than also prone to injection?
What makes this window differ or special from the rest?

To add to my previous post…

The HIPS Rules Edit window looks nearly identical to the Rulesets Edit window, but in contrast the HIPS Rules Edit window does have a size gadget, see green circle in attached image.

So why not giving the Rulesets Edit window a size gadget too?

Hello CISfan,

Thank you for reporting.
Yes, it’s not re-sizable I will check with my CIS team.

Have a nice day!

Hello CISfan,

CIS team members are working in it.Once completed corresponding team member will inform you.
Have a nice day!

Kind Regards,

I just went through the settings and it does seem to be an oversight from when they designed all the windows.

Thank you Dharshu :-TU :slight_smile:

To me an easy implementation.

Unfortunately not fixed in V12.2.2.7062