HIPS reports about Avast creating new tmp file


I just upgraded my firewall to the lastest version since I was using Comodo 10 version till now.
After each system reboot HIPS is promting that Avast want to create new temp file (see acreenshot). With oder versions of Comodo that was not like this.
Please any infos why the firewall is suddenly promting about that?


i just got a HIPS alert that Avast wants to create new file/folder in C\Windows\temp\bcltmp\test\cookies.sqlite-shm, see acreenshot.
What is the connection between Avast Svc and Firefox with this cookies.sqlite-shm file ?!?!?? I am going nuts

TEST is a firefox Profil, which I created years ago and is not default/not active… but what does it have in common with Avast?!?