HIPS - Protected data


I add a file in HIPS-Protected Objects-Protected data.

If I well understand :

this file cannot be read by any program but only by a trusted program.

Yet I can open it with Word.

Did I miss something ?
Thank you for your feedback.

You missed the part where it says it blocks access only from contained applications.

Items in 'Protected Data' cannot be seen, accessed or modified by applications running in the container
If you want to totally conceal an item from contained programs, but allow read/write access to trusted programs, then add it to 'Protected Data'.

I wanted to give the access rights to the file only to the program that manages this file.

For me a trusted program was a program that has been defined in a HIPS Rule and has the access rights to the file as for the example given in :

The interest of “Protected data” is therefore very specific and limited.