HIPS not remembering decision on Brother Status Monitor

I have clicked allow with remember my answer over fifty times but when I reboot it asks me same question.

I’ve tried treat as allowed application thirty time but after reboot it asks me same question for same program.

Tried going to Advanced settings > HIPS > Rules and changing ‘rules set’ from ‘Custom’ to ‘Allowed application’.

Every time when I reboot it fails to remember my rule set choice for this program.

I get the same message: BrStMonW.exe could not be recognized and is about to access the protected COM interface C:\PROGRAM FILE (86)\Browny02\BrYNSvc.exe. If BrStMonW.exe is one of your everyday applications, you can allow this request.

Can anyone help. I can’t understand why it can’t remember my choice of predefined rule set of allowed application.

Further more if I edit the rule instead of ‘Allow’ it shows ‘Ask’ for all actions.

What should I do remove this rule and start again?

Please move BrStMonW.exe from Unrecognised to Trusted Files and see if that does the trick.