HIPS Missing Rules after Saving and Loading Config

When i save my Configuration and load them in CIS, all predefined rule in the application rules area are missing.
This happens every time, when i switch to different configs and isnt influenced if saved in the CIS directory or somewhere else on the hdd. I already changed my system (from i5 3570K to Ryzen 7 5700x) and also a fresh installation of Win10 Pro 64bit makes no difference.

I think due to this, there are sometimes lacks in sound and i am not able to click buttons in several application, because Comodo doesnt work properly anymore. Seems like the runtimebroker is influenced.

There arent any dump files.
Attached the missing rules from a clean config.

Forgive me for stating the obvious. Did you activate the profile after importing it. Your screenshot shows a default configuration hence why I am asking.

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