HIPS menu disappears randomly from system try menu [v6]

a) Summarized the bug in the topic title

b)GUI bug:
CIS version: 6.2.285401.2860
OS version: Windows 8 64bit
What you did: Enable or disable HIPS in Advanced settings → Security settings
What you actually saw: Sometimes HIPS menu disappears in CIS tray menu after reboot or reopen CIS.
What you expected to happen or see: HIPS remaining in the menu.
A screenshot illustrating to GUI problem (I’ll attach a screenshot when I get it with the bug).

Does what you are seeing match what is reported in this bug report? Please attach a picture to your first post for clarification.

Also, I’m afraid that an issue such as this is more serious than that which can be fixed with the information provided by a GUI bug report. Thus, please edit your first post so that it is in the format provided here.

Thank you.

I did what I supposed could reproduce the bug right now and it didn’t happened, but is more or less the same from the post you mentioned above. I’ll be trying to find out exactly how to reproduce the bug and I’ll report it back with the attached screenshots. Thank for your support.

Is it exactly the same portion of the Defense+ menu which disappears? If so then there is no need to create a separate report for it.

However, if it is a separate portion of the menu which disappears then it’s worth creating a separate report. If it is different the most important thing is to get a screenshot of the menu when part of it disappears, and get an idea of what may be going on with the computer at that time to cause the menu to disappear. (For example running a particular program, being under heavy CPU load, etc…)


Have you been able to replicate this yet?

No, I’m still enabling and disabling things I usually do, but still doesn’t happen. It seems like posting here has fixed my issues. Once I’m able to get it I’ll report it back.

Okay, let me know if the problem returns. Also, as it may be an intermittent problem, be sure that if it does re-appear that you remember to take a screenshot of the missing menu and create a full dump with KillSwitch.


Remember the HIPS menu is only visible in the system tray icon when the ‘Advanced view’ is selected. :slight_smile:

|XTerk-RS|, did you have the ‘Advanced view’ selected?

Yes, I have Advanced View selected. It just happened right now! I disabled AV from tray permanently, disabled Firewall permanently and then HIPS menu disappears… Also, the advanced view was unticked and I didn’t do that. I’ll be doing further tests to see if I can determine if it’s really a bug and how can I replicate it, or if it’s my error (I don’t know how).

Thank you. Also, when it happens be sure to create the diagnostics report right then, and also take a screenshot.

PM reminder sent.

Okay, for the time being I will move this to the HELP section of the forum. If you do find out that this is definitely a bug please let me know and I will move this back.

Thank you.