HIPS keeps blocking System when it creates new log file for Windows Update

I keep getting alerts like the one in the attached screenshot. I’m very positive that it’s genuine Windows Update activity and I’m concerned that if I’m not around to click “Allow” the Windows Update process will not go through. I of course keep the “Remember my answer” checkbox ticked but this seems to make no difference (as is the case with other executables that always trigger the alert no matter how many times I allow with “Remember my answer”, but in this question I’d like to focus on the Windows Update problem).

Is there a solution to make so that the Windows Update never triggers those alerts ?

HIPS is in Safe Mode. See the configuration in the attached screenshot.

Windows 10 Home, CIS Premium v.

Looks like your HIPS rules got auto-deleted due to a known Bug in the ‘Create rules for safe applications’ setting.

Otherwise perform a clean re-install of CIS using the Uninstaller Tool and make sure to not check ‘Create rules for safe applications’.

Thank you. The reinstallation did the trick, at least for now.

So this behavior that may even result in Windows Update not happening is due to a known bug from at least 7 years ago. And by looking around it seems that it’s not only that such bug is still there - and apparently to stay - it’s even being considered as a normal thing, a non issue.
Now I remember why after being a big Comodo fan for many years I had given up on it.

I agree pretty much that this problem should already be fixed by now and is not very professional on Comodo side to allow this Bug to exist for such a long time.

If they can’t fix it due to having higher priorities on CIS development, then they should simply remove the ‘Create rules for safe applications’ setting as it will prevent this issue from happening.

As you know I proposed many ideas and easy solutions to fix the “HIPS Safe mode” with activated “Create rules for safe applications” bug to prevent losing all HIPS rules when a new HIPS rule is being added during Windows shutdown phase in another thread quite recently. Sadly I didn’t get any response from Comodo on those ideas and solutions till today.

Another very easy solution would be that CIS switches off the “Create rules for safe applications” setting as soon as it receives the Windows shutdown message. The “Create rules for safe applications” setting restores automatically after the next reboot when CIS loads its configuration file again.
A simple and easy to implement fix for this long lasting bug.

A nice idea indeed… Just like many others at the Wishlist Section which are not receiving the due attention from Comodo Staff and could help set CIS (even AEP/CCS) far apart from its competition.

Just curious. I know nothing about the different CIS editions / bundles / suites / packages etc. that possibly exist, and I know I’m using a free version and Comodo doesn’t lose money if non-paying users go away, but if I was a paying user or even a business user would my paid edition / package etc. also be subjected to this bug ? Since 7 years ? Or is this bug something that only affects the basic free versions of CIS ?

There is no difference between CIS Pro (paid) version and CIS Free version regarding their AV and FW (HIPS, Containment, etc.) functionality. With the CIS Pro version you get some extra components and services but the core functionality is the same for both, but someone correct me if I’m wrong.

There are no extra components in the Pro version. You have access to Geek Buddy support and there’s a warranty that ‘If your PC becomes infected while CIS Pro is installed and cannot be restored to working condition by our support team, the cost of repair is covered up to $500’, but that’s it. The functionality is exactly the same for both

There used to be access to Cloud storage, but I haven’t seen that mentioned for a while