HIPS is asking me all sorts of things I don't even understand

Hey everyone,

I’ve been using CFW for years but prior to its reinstallation on a newly formatted PC, I’ve never received the amount of HIPS warnings that I’m receiving now (despite being on safe mode all the time).
Not being that tech savvy, the warnings that pop up in red and say that so and so .exe (basically every Steam game I’ve tried to run) is an unrecognised application and that it’s trying to access the COM (whatever that is), and trying to access memory in Steam.exe, is making me uncomfortable and confused. Generally, approving any kind of warning that pops up in red, seems like a bad idea, but I’m being forced to do it to run more or less anything on this new PC. The most recent example being payday2_win32_release.exe (Payday 2), which has tried to access COM, explorer and also memory in Steam. That’s a ton of warnings to have to ignore to get into a game. Is this normal? And if I have to be the one that decides whether something is safe or not, what’s the point of having a pre-made ruleset to begin with? These days the occasional indie game will pop up on Steam that has malware in it (very rare, but does happen), and having to be the arbiter of what’s safe and not safe makes me uneasy.

Thanks in advance.

here not hips not alert steam, you do modifications in files of games or steam?
for than you not be alert or ask, you have than add files of game or steam modified in hips…


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In addition to liosant’s post,

You could try to create a “File Group” named “Steam” or so and add all Steam directories (folders) to the Steam File Group.
Next, add a HIPS rule for the “File Group” “Steam” and set it to “Use Ruleset → Windows System Application”
Then try again if you get HIPS Alerts when running Steam games.

But beware!
Only do this when you are very sure that every (Steam) application inside the Steam directories (folders) is trustworthy!!!

Or just add only Steam applications to the File Group that you trust instead of the whole Steam directories (folders).

with proper config you don’t need HIPS at all
search for CS’s config


Check in your HIPS settings if ‘Create rules for safe applications’ is enabled.

This setting when enabled, has a Bug in which it deletes critical HIPS rules, leading to unnecessary alerts such as the ones you are seeing. I am pretty sure Steam is a Trusted Vendor and therefore with HIPS on Safe Mode those alerts should not be appearing.

Safe Mode HIPS will alert only for files not signed by Trusted Vendors or which are Unknown to the Cloud Lookup. If you only using legitimate applications then Safe Mode HIPS will never display any alerts, if alerts such as those are displayed it means your HIPS rules got corrupted somehow. A reinstall using the Uninstaller Tool and the Offline Installer will fix this issue.

I think you mean Cruelsister settings, which are available on this Youtube video.

I always leave HIPS enabled at Safe Mode while setting it to Auto-Block any alerts and never had any problems. With HIPS enabled CIS self-protection is stronger and overall security is improved.

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Might be, but I think even when the HIPS rules got deleted they will be recreated silently (no HIPS Alerts) with HIPS on Safe Mode for every trusted application including the Steam games (if those games are trusted and their binaries unmodified of course).