HIPS in Spyware Terminator Vs HIPS in CFW V. 3

How does the HIPS in Spyware Terminator compare to the HIPS in CFW V. 3?


THe HIPS in CPF3 is much better than the one in Spyware Terminator. ST Hips tend to only as you about exe files and only props you for running the file itself.

CPF3’s HIPS includes all files and instead of just asking about a file to RUN it asks about Hooks into other programs, access of memory of other programs, access to the keyboard, monitor, running processes etc. It’s far too complicated for my brain today but it’s far more advanced and includes protection of registry keys etc etc… I Have ST installed but with the HIPS turned off to avoid conflict with CPF3’s Defense+



Don’t use Spyware Terminator’s HIPS with Comodo’s HIPS. Comodo’s HIPS is indeed MUCH more powerful, So turn ST HIPS off, to also avoid conflict issues.



Might be much better, but it is definitely much more intrusive and talkative. From that point of view defense+ might be the worst hips I have ever tryed. Therefore I disabled it and installed threatfire instead, which might be at least as powerful and much less intrusive. Defense+ even asks every time I want to delete a file from desktop. I hoped it would learn my habits once I allow it, but no. Every time 3 times to allow deletition of a file from desktop to recycle bin.Or when I install a small program that thing asks 20 times or sometimes more if I allow it, installation mode on or off. Man…I lost my pations with it.
I am sure it is a great hips, but it is a pain in the ■■■ regarding its warnings even for me, using only antivirus alternatives such hips etc. This might be a small drawbach for someone else but for me it makes using computer unpleasant.


Is very weird
I can delete files without problems.

Most likely it wasn’t left in Training Mode long enough for defence+ to learn your system completely.Also check that the D+ isn’t set to Paranoid Mode,at that setting it nags more than my ex (:LGH)

Your better off using spyware terminator for manual scanning then using it as realtime protection. I would seriously use comodo D+ for that

SuperAntiSpyware or Malware bytes will compliment Comodo D+ much better then Spyware Terminator ever could

+1 :-TU

Defense+ does all that a real HIPS must do. A real HIPS it’s not a simply behaviour monitoring, but it gets the global control of your system and of all therunning processes and applications. If it’s too boring or difficult for you, choose the Clean PC Mode security level.