HIPS hangs my machine

The last couple of days I have had a problem where if I run a local executable that is in the HIPS rules as allowed it hangs my machine and I have to turn off with the power button. If I go into HIPS rules and add the executable it says it’s already there, but afterwards it works and I can run it. When I reboot I have to repeat the exercise. It seems like something was updated and broke this? I have had to turn HIPS off as I cannot work like this. Please advise? Thank you

have you tried first checking in Unblock Applications? If it is there, then unblock it just for the Component shown in the Block Column which will probably be HIPS and try it again

They aren’t in there

Does it happen with more than one executable or just one in particular? When you say allowed is it set using the allowed application rule set? I would try a re-install just to rule out a corrupted install. The only updates available is switching to the beta version but you have to switch to beta servers to get it, either by modifying the hosts file or the proxy and host settings in CIS.