HIPS Function

Does CFW have a HIPS function at this time? If not is HIPS planned for the future?



CPF will get HIPS in the future. If you want you can check out the antivirus which will have HIPS from version 2 soon to be released as a beta. CAVS should be a stable in mid October.



Maybe a stupid question, but what is HIPS? :-[

Mike, thank you.

Bluesman. Host Intrusion Prevention System is software that monitors your computers processes, e.g. your registry. If an unknown piece of software, say a trojan or a rootkit, gets past your initial defences such as your AV, the HIPS will stop, block this intrusion. HIPS are not based on signatures, so whatever attempts to change your systems processes the HIPS will stop it, in theory anyway.

Some people totally rely on HIPS as their only defence, but I think HIPS is a good addition to the normal antivirus, antispyware defences, i.e. layering defences is probably the secure way to go but I am no expert.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the information David!