HIPS blocking issue

I’m having a substantial amount of trouble using the HIPS and allowing the recordings to take place from generated BAT files launched via a ‘quiet’ program (that’s meant to hide cmd line windows) on a schedule from task scheduler.

I currently am using simple bat files to launch/save shows from my cable (via Network attached Cablecard device) & I can not seem to be ale to get HIPS to ignore a certain folder or file type within said folder.

I would really like being able to set a schedule & not worry about HIPS blocking the automation of capturing footage X.x because the bat files get blocked.
-I’ve already had to exclude virtualization from several folders (as it’d just get absurd with the sizes.

You can use the unblock application task to unblock your .bat files to see if that helps. What does your HIPS event logs say in regards to the bat files?

I have done that for the key ones (the scheduler and the one that sets to convert [windows system programs] to avoid any issues, and I know exactly what they are & what’s in them)

The problem with that is that the recording ‘bats’ are all different names, as they are done by the show names. & Unless I’m missing something I do not know of a way to in ‘command line’ basically add an exception to the HIPS rule set.
-Though PLEASE, let their be a command line prompt to do just that for said files, & a way to purge rulesets that do not apply anymore. (I know there is a purge list.

ATM without going into too many details, each show has 3 bat files.
-first launches the 2nd, with the quiet program
-second, launches VLC to open the cablecard device & save the feed
-third, deletes the first two bats, the ‘task’ from task scheduler, & itself [otherwise I’d seriously have to routine cleanup every week with how much footage I capture for personal use (I’m out a lot so I use Plex to stay up on the shows, 2 1/2 hr buss trips one way take some toll)

The unblocking works great for Bat files I reuse, but as things are, I can’t get task scheduler to launch VLC with the correct augments, and no matter how I cut it, I am not able to think of a method of passing variables to a bat file that wouldn’t trigger HIPS treating it as a new bat file for some reason or freeking out, or how I’d manage to pull that off from task scheduler & just use a single bat file to launch the recording with variable pass through.
-Though, That is an idea… I’ll see about waiting for a reply (for multi-bat spot) & search to see how task scheduler can pass simple variables through to a bat file, which would solve it as well.

If the bat files are stored in the same folder you can create a new file group and then add the folder to the file group. Then in HIPS rules you can add that file group and use the installer/updater ruleset or even the Windows System Application ruleset.

Thank you for that information & it will be useful (even though I’ve changed how I am doing the recordings)
-I honestly did not know how to do that & I wish I’d had known as it certainly would have solved my problem

I am grateful for your help. Yes they where stored in one folder. (though I looked deeper into options, because part of me was slightly worried of a blanket folder permissions to that level) Though I am very happy to know it is possible & the flexibility is there. :-TU