HIPS > Blocked Files question.

“Unlike files in ‘Protected Files’, users cannot selectively allow access to a blocked file”
Why is that so? Are there some limitations behind this or was it a design decision and if so then what is was motivated by?
It would be great to have an ability to give/limit file READ access to whatever app we think should(not) have it.

You may want to read this hot topic: HIPS Protected Objects read-only access not working

That thread is all about some bug (which I don’t even have) that causes WRITE access filter to work improperly. What I’m talking about is a READ access filter that we don’t have at all and I don’t understand why. All I want is to be able to control which app has read access to which files. But I can either limit the read access to a file for ALL apps or for all contained ones.

Ah my misunderstanding.

Maybe there is just too little demand for a read access filter, you could try to submit a Wish/Poll for it so users can vote for this feature.

Hi e7ol7e,

Kindly follow this format and add poll for the wish in the wishlist section, so that we can able to calculate the user value on our priority list of wishes with the help of poll results.