HIPS: Block Application listed in "HIPS Rules"

just a simple question: How do I preferably block an application listed in the “HIPS rules” ? There’s no ruleset “blocked application” like in the FW rulesets. What I found working is adding the app in “Blocked files” under “Protected Objects”.

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try read: HIPS Rule Sets, Access Rights and Protection Settings | Internet Security Help

I understand I can configure a custom ruleset and set any action as “blocked”. I just wonder why it’s not available in the first place like it is for the Firewall.

in settings firewall you can do set ou create ruleset ports, ips… block, allow, ask…

sorry my emglish!

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but as said, I know the “Block” option is in FW, hence I wonder why it is not in HIPS.

It is named differently but you can by using the contained application ruleset.

OK, thanks guys.