HIPS application control

I have found a problem!!! On a computer there are some text files. Their name comes to an end on .exe; not .txt. These files are created with my loader. These text files accompany with the files received from the Internet. They have the same names. When I try to open a text file, the computer ceases to answer. On seen, the conflict with explorer.exe. I have disconnected HIPS application control. The problem has disappeared. If somebody will answer, use simple expressions. I do not know the English language.

My advice is to scan those files with another Anti-Virus program.

Not seen a recent Beta release for a little while but I think the Comodo team are working ■■■■■■■ the Version 3 of their Firewall and incorporating CAVS with Comodo BoClean.

Watch this space… sorry I couldn’t be any more help

Could you tell us, did you make those files yourself or were they emailed to you (spam?).