HIPS allowing some EXE to run without asking

I have noticed that when I run some programs a HIPS window pops up and immediately dissapears. It happened with Audacity 1.34 beta portable just before I decided to post this. I ran the program, the HIPS window blipped and I was never asked if I wanted to let it run or not. It has done this to other programs too though I don’t have names for them. I have HIPS set on medium as High is far too much work. Audacity is just an EXE so it should have asked and waited for permission. If there is a “learning” option like there is with Comodo Firewall I’d like there to be an option to turn off learning and set it to custom so I can decide its fate.

I like HIPS to ask for EVERY program I run the first time, not just some. It used to do that but the last few updates seems to have changed that.