HIPS Alert more options

When program want modify file in some protected directory, i want more options like the ability to edit the directory: C:\Users\goran\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\DXCache* or C:\Users\goran\AppData\Local*. Same for registry and others. Or set “Protected registry keys” to Allow. Manually setting this to setup is a waste of time.

Joining this one. In fact, you often need “pack” of rules to be applied:
For example, “pack of rules for 3D applications”:

  • ~3 registry keys allowed,
  • ~1 exe allowed
  • ~1 system file allowed
  • ~screen access allowed
    pack for “socket networking”
    ~ 3 reg keys allowed

And then form final set of rules in pair of clicks like “allow 3D”, deny “socket”, ask for anything else

Hi Username 245,

Kindly follow this format and add poll for the wish, so that other users could vote on your wish.
We will report this wish to the team depending upon the calculation of votes.