Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

I am from India. Himalaya Herbals is also in many other countries. They have a good range of personal care & other products.

I dont have experience of herbal products. Recently Himalaya products have gained good %age of market share & popularity in India. On their website they mention their products are combination of herbal & modern science & tested for the quality & efficacy.

Are Himalaya products good & effective? Do you use Himalaya products? Share your experiences. May be I will give a try.

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Your URL isn’t working (maybe the site’s temporarily down). But, what is this? Is this outfit a commercial one? Why should I not consider this spam?

I had checked the link & was working.

I have mentioned the purpose of the thread in my post.

The link was simply official Himalaya India website so that anyone visiting the thread know what Himalaya I am talking about.

As per rules if this is spam then remove the link, if not then keep the link.

The link must go… but, you do it. I only ban spammers, I don’t generally edit their posts for them. :slight_smile:

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You don’t need any of this with the right diet and regular exercise… Okay! Just the right diet if you don’t like the exercise…

What do you want to achieve? PM me I might help :slight_smile:


Nothing like that.

I was just thinking to try few regular usage products of their like soap, toothpaste, facewash, shampoo, etc. So posted here to know the experiences of others.

I missed that part on their website I guess. I only saw something about nutrition :slight_smile: LOL! Don’t know much about the ‘other personal care’ LOL! But give it a shot :slight_smile:

i have used Himalaya products and i found their products are good. i have used their face wash, regular using creams earlier.
i think you can try it once if you want. 8)

I don’t know anything about this company, but I do know that when it comes to herbal supplements, when a vendor starts saying things like the comments I put in bold above, any actual “science” or “testing” claims are dubious at best… :-X

When talking about cosmetics it is also good to realise that the tests done by cosmetic companies don’t meet the standards of dermatological scientific research done at universities.

I think the law allows them to say things along the lines like our laboratories findings are. But the testing is not as rigorous as real dermatological research.

Are you from US, there it is known as Organique.

One can find the tests/references in their website.

Cosmetics, do you mean herbal only or primary i.e allopathy too.

On their website they have references that have universities, dermatological, etc… researches, tests, etc …

I was responding to personal care products (which I interpret as referring to cosmetical products).

Last year I was in the UK and watched a BBC program about a professor of dermatology who went to inquire the world of commercial dermatological products (think all sorts of facial and anti aging creams). She noticed that the research done for those products that make these sort of claims were held to less rigorous standards than scientific research. That was were my point was coming from.

To add to this. In addition to core scientific research universities are doing applied research for external parties for specific limited research questions.

To further on the above. One should really check out the basics of Philosophy of Science (any decent introduction will do) to learn that paradigms and other assumptions are clouding the claimed objectivity.

Another take on science was a column I read last year or the year before by a Dutch professor of economy (I am from the Netherlands) in which he described to which professor of economy the various Dutch political parties could turn to for a favorable “scientific economic” advice; effectively reducing Economics to the red light zone of politicians and other policy makers. Keep in mind that in continental Europe there is a big diversity in political parties as opposed to the Anglo Saxon system which usually effictively results in a two party system. One can only imagine the pressure Economics professors in those countries must be under.

And since I am diverting into Economics. The current financial crisis as wehave been fcng for 5 yeras now has been caused by economical theories that have not been extensively tested. As been stated in Newsnight in diplomatical scientific language by Paul Krugman in a broadcast about the crisis.

Before I divert even more. Be critical, also about science. Because paradigms, ideologies, economical motives and what not may cloud our judgment because a white coat wearing person made certain statements.

Don’t even get me started on… I will get foam around my mouth etc… >:-D


I am not into anti-ageing, fairness, etc…

Himalaya is one of the biggest & trusted brands. It was not known & popular coz they used to sell their products online & Himalaya shop only, no advert was there. Now they have started selling the products in other shops too like medical shops, cosmetics, etc… & advert on TV, other media, etc…

I will try few general products like shampoo, toothpaste, face wash, etc… & see how good it is.

Tests and references listed on a website mean nothing to me.

There was a rather popular herbal “cold remedy” product here in the U.S. that used to tout how it was clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold. It turned out that the clinical testing was done by by a company that was formed just to do that test. (The test was of course sponsored by the company that made the product being tested…) The testing company only comprised of two men, neither one of them a doctor or a scientist, nor did the company even have a clinic to do said “clinical testing”. After being sued by the FTC for false advertising, and a 23 million dollar class-action lawsuit, the product no longer mentions any testing on its packaging, and is now just marketed as something that “supports your immune system”. 88)

(Of course, boosting your immune system when it comes to colds is dubious in itself, because none of the symptoms that we associate with colds are actually due to the cold virus, but are in fact due to our immune systems over-reacting to the virus. Do we really want to boost our immune response and have more severe colds as a by-product? :-\ A great book about colds is Ah-Choo! The uncommon life of your common cold. By Jennifer Ackerman. It tells what the people who actually study colds for a living do when they get a cold.)

And University studies? If you look into these, more often than not, the University knows nothing about the study, has no record of the people involved in the study ever working there, or the study just turns out to be a class project turned in by a student at the University.

Since herbal/holistic/homeopathic products (Don’t get me started on homeopathy… 88) ) aren’t bound by the same regulations as food or medications, short of outright lying that their product can cure something, as long as they have a disclaimer on their packaging that these claims have never been verified, they can more or less say anything they want.

But ask yourself this… If they actually worked, would they need to sell these things by mail-order or on late night TV? :wink: If it worked, they wouldn’t need to do any advertising whatsoever because everyone would be using it on a daily basis. :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’re fine sticking to shampoo, toothpaste, or face wash, but just don’t buy into any outlandish claims because the actual products might not be any more effective than just using water.

Got it. Thanxx for the info.

I googled a lot & read many things about cosmetics, herbal, allopathy, etc… & now know few things that I wasn’t aware previously. Thanxx to help & guide me.

You’re welcome.

It’s a bit of an eye opener isn’t it?

It’s amazing to me how many of these companies are downright fraudulent. They will claim bogus test results in an attempt to sell their product, yet actual scientific testing done by reputable testing organizations show that their product is no more effective than a placebo. 88)

There are some of these products that don’t even contain what they list as their main ingredient! But without regulation, they can get away with these shady practices. :-\

Any website where I can read the reputable testing organizations tests?

Why there is no regulations? There are dangerous chemicals in many products

Most of the information I know comes from books, but I do know of a couple of useful websites.


Office of Dietary Supplements

They have various articles with links to studies, white papers, etc…

Supplement vendors are regulated in a way, they just don’t undergo the tight regulation that food products do.

Dietary supplements must meet what they call “good manufacturing practices”. Which means that steps should be taken by the manufacturer to ensure that the product is safe, there are no contaminants, and that what is listed on the label is what is in the product. However, it is completely up to the manufacturer to ensure this. The actual products themselves are not analyzed by the FDA to ensure that the manufacturer is being truthful. The FDA will monitor a products safety after it has been released, so products proven to be unsafe can be taken off the market. But again, it is up to the manufacturer to ensure the product is safe prior to release, not the FDA.

The FDA also does not ensure that the product is safe for everyone to use. Many herbs have a side effect, and depending on the person, this could affect them adversely, or even react very badly with prescription medications they may be taking. It’s always a good idea to talk to a doctor or pharmacist before taking any dietary supplement.

Also be aware that the FDA only has jurisdiction in the United States. Products made elsewhere fall under the jurisdiction of whatever their country of origin is. European products are highly regulated, but toxic ingredients and even prescription drugs have been found in supplements manufactured elsewhere in the world.