hight cpu usage even when doin nothing

I have tried CCE on more than 2 computers and i have the same problems,

  1. first is 100% cpu usage on all pcs even when in the menu screen, when “downloading” updates, it have no sence (the 100% cpu usage really is a full core usage, so if the pc have 4 cores it will be 25% of cpu usage)

  2. and after finshed the download of updates it just does nothing

(no virtual machines)
i tested it on win7 home x64, win7 starter x32, winXP x32
the problems persist on any envirodment

Are there any ‘shared’ things that could cause this, e.g. same software of some type that could cause this.
If the behavior is stable across different OS’es it’s probably some installed software, can you please post the list of software that is installed on all systems having this issue.

what was the name of the program which show all programs installed/running, and makes a txt designed to show in forums like this?

You mean PSC exam?

i found the program i wanted on my old portable programs folders is hijackthis
i created the log files for the 3 pcs, now its a thing to find the common programs, maybe do it myself later, maybe not :P. anyway i attached the logs

[attachment deleted by admin]

Did you run the 2 two on Win7 as administrator? I think it’s missing processes…

hijackthis told me about missing right so later i ran it with admin rights so there should be no problem.
what processess u think are missing?

i just found out that CIS isn’t in the list created by hijackthis, it appear that comodo selft security is too thick for hijackthis no notice it is running

I thought some default windows processes where missing.