Higher memory usage with the new CPF

I have experinced that the new CPF is using more memory than the older default, and the latest beta. In beta (latest it took between 1.5-7Mb. Now it is around 20Mb… before the latest update it were at 15-17Mb. I hope it wont get higher with every version…


So far mines staying in the 14-17 MB range.

Mine is currently 4Mb.

Wow :o, mine is around 16MB.


This is strange, mine is 18 :o

Usually cpf.exe starts with around 16-20 MB, but then the memory is reduced. mine is currently 8MB.

Well, mine is running since 12 hours back, and it’s 22.5Mb now… getting bigger… like my stomac… ;D

Mine is at 18.064 now, so its getting bigger (slowly) not a big deal I have plenty of memory, and I know I am protected, so I am happy to give CPF that memory :smiley:

Be aware what memory reading is being posted. Wether your posting cpf.exe memory or cmdagent memory (runs much lower than cpf.exe). Also wether your posting virtual memory or physical memory (runs higher than virtual). Thats a total of four different memories that individuals could be posting. :wink:

I’m guessing those posting figures in the teens are refering to cfpexe and those below the teens are refering to cmdagent.exe. I’m running v2.3.5.62.

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Well i use tuneup memoptimizer cose when i use Paint.Net, thunderbird or when i am surfing a lot of time with Firefox Mem Usage of Comodo go up a lot, until around 40 or 60MB :-, and then i must to do a memory optimization and then around 7MB. Sometimes mem usage of CPF go up a lot without use PC. And i’ve got 768MB of RAM
But I’m very happy with CPF (V) (B) (L)

 I would just like to say that my total physical memory usage before i installed comodo was only around 128mb at startup. Once i installed the firewall it went up to 175mb at startup. Although it only reads that cpf.exe by itself only uses 16mb and the cmdagent.exe uses 8mb. ???? whats going on here? doesn't add up huh? Can anyone say Memory Hog? i hate to say it but the more i use this firewall the more annoyed i get with it, but i have hope that it will improve in time. It has potential but i wouldn't dare put it on any of my machines that i regularly use, i just don't trust it yet. Too many bugs.  (:CLP)  way to go maybe next release will use even more! lol


CPF is much better in dealing with memory usage and it will only get better from here on. A lot of bugs were fixed in the last update and Comodo is already working on version 2.4 :wink:

Thats great to hear, because i like the firewall for its potential. In time it could really be an outstanding firewall above all others. But its a little deceiving when it comes to mem usage. individually as i posted above, it only reads about 24mb altogether. but when you compare that to my total mem usage before and after install it doesn’t add up, and i know that alot of programs don’t really show how much memory they are really using under the processes tab in task manager. 175mb - 128mb = 47mb. So its really using about double what it shows under processes. Just remember bigger is not always better! (:WIN)

PC ■■■■■■

go to windows task manager
go to View
click on select coloumns
check virtual memory size
now you can actually see who is using what memory slightly better!
your browser could take all that up in Virtual mem without even you knowing as mem usage is not the ultimate indicator for actual mem usage! I am afraid your assumption and subsequent deduction is flawed.




You have to be an artlover to like CPF… :wink:
You can help Comodo by printing out the source-code on a nice paper, and then go to the local museum and ask them to put it on the wall. ;D

I unistalled all my security programs. They use to have “incompatibilities”
I unistalled NOD32(i’ve waiting CAV 2.0 and my licence expires in novemer), CPF and Spysweeper(If CAV has a very good antispy i’ll unistalled it or no renew licence, my licence expires 12/5/2007)-
I cleaned my registry and i deleted folders)

I reinstalled in this order:

I congfigured CPF,NOD 32 And spysweeper and now memory usage of CPF and Nod have been reduced a lot.
I think security software is very sensitive, and when we installed, unistalled and reinstalled performance of those programs is damaged, then is better reinstall at the same time and configure the programs with a clean install. I think.
(V) (R)

what a good idea…
btw: when you print out the source code… try to read it backward and you will see what i mean :wink: