High CPU load caused by cmdagent.exe in CIS 6.3 ?

Hi !

High CPU load caused by cmdagent.exe in CIS 6.3 ?

Regularly, like every 30-60 minutes, but sometimes every 13 minutes, cmdagent.exe creates CPU-spikes with 25% CPU-load.
I got an Intel core-i3, dualcore CPU with hyperthreading, and 8GB RAM, so the CPU-load and memory usage itself is no problem.
But it makes the fan wind up to full speed which creates a lot of noise that is very annoying… >:-D

Are anyone else having the same problems ?

There is another, similar thread about cavwp.exe causing CPU-spikes, and I have already tried all advice in that thread.

Trying to find the cause of this I switched to my testsystem, which is a clone of my main system.
After having had “Resource Monitor” running I have made some interesting observations.

It is .NET Runtime Optimization (mscorsvw.exe) that is causing those CPU-spikes.
Every time cmdagent was spiking the optimization was running.
And there was no such “big” CPU-spikes when mscorsvw.exe was not running.

When mscorsvw.exe runs the cmdagent.exe wakes up and starts using 25-30% CPU.
Even though mscorsvw.exe is listed as “allowed application” in CIS.
So if you are having the same problem, check if mscorsvw.exe is running, and using a lot of CPU.

I found some interesting information about .NET Runtime Optimization:

But after having “killed” all instances of mscorsvw.exe, the hard way by renaming the files so they can´t start,
I got a quiet computer again.

After having found the cause I switched back to main system again.
But because of this problem with the CPU-load I had downgraded from CIS 6.3 to CIS 5.12 on my main system.
So I uninstalled CIS 5, rebooted twice, and reinstalled CIS 6.3

And now to my BIG surprise .NET Runtime Optimization has stopped running every 13 minutes as it previously did !?

Note: mscorsvw.exe is not “killed” on my main system, so it can start.

CIS 6.3 is now running without any CPU-spikes…
And I got a quiet computer again…