high amout of "network intrusions attempts"

in the past two weeks i noticed twice having around 60000 network intrusions attempts.
i just cleared the list but if i recall correctly it was from ‘system’ 10.38. and to my IP.
i have "block all incoming connections"set up, and usually the number of intrusion attempts is around 0-20~(i might get more if torrenting)
but I’ve never seen such a high amount.
what are your thoughts?

Do you have logging enabled for the block rule or any other block rules? Without knowing how you have global and application rules configured, I can only guess its broadcast and/or multicast traffic being blocked that are sent from other devices on the local network.

sorry i don’t really understand what you mean;
i have the same configuration for cis for a long time and just lately this appeared.
if it helps,then it’s a single pc on a non wifi home router and on Comodo it’s the whole CIS suite with Pro active enabled and that’s about it.(and on the blocked apps in “firewall” i have window operating system and NVcontainer.)

You should post the firewall event log as a screen shot or export the log and attach it. If exporting the log change the file extension to .txt or just add it to a zipped folder.