Hide on a Wireless Network

Hi, My first post ;D
Im a happy new comodo user, I read on another post about how to be safe on a wireless lan by changing the range on comodo to allow only some lan computer, Ok here’s the question i’m on a wireless lan but i wan’t no one on the lan to be able to get into my pc, On the modify zone on comode it appear this:

Zone name: 520 wireless adapter (Rev B)
Start Range: It shows an Ip that is not mine.
End Range: It shows another Ip that is not mine.

What do i have to do to secure myself from the lan, Put on both start and end range mi IP???
or put the gateway IP on both??
Please help, Thanks in advance, sorry my english im from chile south america (V)

The easiest way would be to not use zones at all and just make a network monitor rule that allowed access from your PC to the wireless access point/router.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Sorry to bother you again, I just switch to comodo yesterday and happy to, How would i do just that in my case?, I have the gateway/acces point IP, I got my IP, Where do i set up this network monitor rule you are talking about? (R)

Take a look in the Security section. On the left side, theres a feature called Tasks. Click on this and then on the Add/Remove/Modify a Zone. Here you can delete unwanted zones.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I deleted the trusted zone to make a network monitor rule as panic suggested, I think i’m gonna need help here i have read this: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,5340.0.html

But it’s not easy for noobs, I need to make rule so i can communicate only with the router and i want to block all other Pc’s that are in my lan, so, pretty much have access to internet and nothing to do with the lan, How would i acomplish this with the rules?

Also would you recommend deleting the default rule that are automatically created by CFP during the installation to make this new ones or i should leave those and add the new ones below???

Sorry for being a pain, thanks dudes ;D

I have make this rule, i deleted all the default rules and applied this one, tell me what i did?

Rule #0
Action = Allow
Protocol = IP
Direction = Out
Source IP = Mi IP
Destination IP = router IP
IP details = TCP

Keep the default ones. They’re fine as-is :slight_smile:
If you want to make a rule that opens all communiction with your router, first get your routers IP address. It’s usually your Default Gateway address.

Set up the rule like this:
Rule #0
Action = Allow
Protocol = IP
Direction = Out
Source IP = Computer IP
Destination IP = Router IP

Rule #1
Action = Allow
Protocol = IP
Direction = In
Source IP = Router IP
Destination IP = Computer IP

This basically sets up a “trusted” connection between your computer and your router.

As for the last question:
That rule will drop anything besides traffic towards your router. Anything else is blocked. revert to the default rules to be able to surf the web, receive emails etc :slight_smile:

Oh thanks man, I add those 2 rules i guess i’m secure now :BNC

I have one last confusion though ,You first told me to keep the rules CFP makes during the installation, But then you gave me this two rules as rule 0 and rule 1 which are taken by the default ones.

So should i add this two rules after the default ones, or should i delete the default ones and add this two you gave me as rule 0 and 1 as the only rules, that’d be my last doubt, Thanks so much for your help (:CLP)

Keep the existing ones and add these two. You can have them anywhere you like, in any preferred order, but keep them above the last one. The last one means “Drop anything from anyone destined for my computer”.