Windows 7 32Bit Home Premium
CIS 3.13 Full
hibernate function does not work, you can go into hibernation but instead of resuming windows it starts it as normal and displays a message saying windows was not shut down properly.
Removing CTM solves the problem, I presume it has something to do with the boot up menu.

I dont know if this applies to you but here is a solutioin that may work.

Some users reported hibernation issues with Rollback RX as well and the solution was that hibernation had to be enabled BEFORE Rollback was installed. So if this applies to you then uninstall CTM and then enable Hibernation. Reinstall CTM.

Also you may want to read this post regarding the “windows not shut down properly” message.


Hope this info is relevant. :-\

Just tried that and it makes no difference but thank you anyway :slight_smile:

similar problem here. can’t hibernate at all, i just end up at the logon screen, no error message or similar. uninstalling ctm solves the problem, so i’m sure it’s the culprit.
the solution proposed by carfal had no effect.

Yes, you need enabled hibernation before installl CTM.

I’m not sure what you mean by enabled but if you meant the option in the shutdown menu then it has been there since I bought the computer. I used it plenty of times before getting CTM and never had a problem. Only after I installed CTM and used hibernate did I get a problem.

Mine was enabled before :-\

hi, antbates1991

We are trying to find out that the point of the issue is and wil fix it in the future. Thanks very much!

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My first post here!
I decided to install the latest version of CTM yesterday and all seemd to go well no crashes etc. I have discovered one odd problem ,however, when putting the computer (Dell XPS 420) into hibernation it ‘shuts down’ correctly but one of the cooling fans which should stop continues working!
To check it was CTM and not something I had done I uninstalled TM and all went back to normal. I realise its a minor bug but thought someone might be interested.

Cheers, Operanut.

hi, operanut

Thank you for support! We will look into this issue and try to fix it in the future.

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