hi,where is comodo time machine?

hi,anybody knows where is comodo time machine on the comodo website for download?i no longer see it.

its not there because its not developed anymore or as some say its on hold for now?

I have moved this to News / Announcements / Feedback - CTM because it is more to do with CTM, than what it is a Website issue.

Kind regards from Captainsticks.

I really…really hope they will continue with the development of CTM. I am using it for over a year now and it has saved me from a lot of trouble on more then one occasion. As a matter of fact CTM helped me out this very day, i hat accidently deleted a registry key that i should not have deleted and i got a BSOD first then my PC rebooted again.

By having CTM restore my system during the next boot up i was able to solve the stupid mistake i made. In my opinion it would be utter shame if CTM disappeared for good, so please bring it back Comodo. :frowning:

All, forget abt CTM.

Just sum 1+1:

(a pause in development)
(this info)

Comodo will stop to develop this because of bunch of reasons (very old starting codebase, needs for a devels experienced in lowlevel datastorage, etc.)

PS. Tech and All, under “pause” I mean only how this looks from aside – a long absence of new betas

I think it’s defunct (in terms of software). It will require a resurrection…

Tech, I’ve added PS to prev. post

And IMO here is no acceptable way to resurrect this project because of – as I’ve said b4 – old codebase that was forked into it (c link in my prev. post and pay attn to dates and vers.) and a big amount of required resources (very xperienced in this area devs, time etc.)

PS. So we all still sticked to RollBack or EAZ-Fix only

They use the same root code… If it is old for one it is old for the others I think.

??? What U want to say with this?
Yes, they both uses the same “base”, sure. But their “base” currently on 9.x branch instead of 8.0 mentioned in the Horizon’s forum post I’ve linked before. And my long experience with this (RB and EAZ) tools shows that their “new version” are really new and not limited with an UI-only bells and whistles but includes a lowlevel changes and polishes too.

VitRom, I do not know their “new” version. I can’t talk about them.

As an alternative to CTM you can also get Wondershare Time Freeze as a giveaway:


“Wondershare Time Freeze is an easy and effective system restore software to keep your system safe and protect your computer from unwanted changes. It puts the actual system under protection and creates a virtual environment for system partition, on which you run applications and surf the internet.”

Does it still work?

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I was able to get the free key ok. The date seems to be wrong - it must mean January 2012, not 2011. I have yet to put the software to the test, but so far, so good.

but it is similar to deep freeze… i m not fond of deep freeze (that kind of software)… for me CTM is better…

No doubt… The problem is that CTM development is interrupted sine die

This Wondershare Time Freeze doesn’t have snapshots to choose among them.

Neither seems Windows 8 will have that function…

Why in heaven has Comodo team stopped the CTM development? :cry:

Melih, pleeze… >:-D :‘( :frowning: :’( :‘( ??? :’( :cry:

please melih we want ur answer…are we getting CTM back??

someone meantioned that CTM will become apart of CB.