HI i reinstalled comodo firewall had a question [RESOLVED]

Hi there all i reinstalled the firewall all is ok but i notes the svchost has not come back in there how long dose it take for this process to come back. dose it have to generate a alert for outbound or something. it is in the list of traffic going outbound. should i just add it to network or something? if so which one or just wate and see if it appears? . i like it now :slight_smile: clean slate and not allot of rules and unnecessary redundant programs in there looks better.


here is my current network list as you can see it is not there unless i missed it. also here is my defense plus list as well most is custom default level and not touching it ether. also main screen picture of svchost with active connection? why it not in networking or is that the system???. maybe my old install was goofed and now it right.

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If you look in defence+ list svchost is under Windows Updater Applications you have a rule for Windows Updater Applications in firewall list (Network Security Policy)

You can add a rule for svchost yourself from running processes as well as System. Thats what I do. svchost isnt there by default. There is nothing wrong with that.

ok if i have problems i will do this :slight_smile: leaving well enough alone lol taking some well deserved advise there buddy.

i did go threw and set a few applications i use most as trusted but other then that most are custom i then exported these rules and saved them :). did the same on my other computer as well P.S. do you think i need to add a rule for svchost? wanted to do this if i need to only thanks buddy. and thank you all :slight_smile: (B)

You will eventually get a pop up for it so go ahead and add it to the firewall. Remember make it “outgoing only” like you had it before.

got it thanks buddy :slight_smile:

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