Hi Dear

Hi Dear

Hi deutschlandmars

I locked your poll, since it didn’t quite make sense with the options you had supplied.

Are you the owner (or agent) of the site in question? Are you asking why your SSL certificate was revoked?

Currently, unless you’re a Hacker Guardian client and this is a related issue, then this probably isn’t the right place for your topic anyway. I’ll know better where to place it following your next reply I suspect.

Possibly Related topic: Report a ponzi scheme Company

No response from OP. Assuming that this is a general query for the time being rather than a support issue with SSL certificates or Hacker Guardian and moving this topic to the General board.

Hmm… nope, editing his/her first post to “Hi Dear” (including the Subject) and changing his/her name to “Sandra Baker” wasn’t exactly the response I was looking for. 88)

Topic locked.

Sounds more like possible trouble to me.