Hi CPU consumption by cmdagent when running browsers

I have problem with cmdagent.exe hogging cpu when firefox,chrome or dragon starts or when i’m surfing the websites even when i open google it hogs cpu on 90% usage… I tried uninstalling and using removal tool for CIS… i tried reinstalling CIS even on the fresh windows installation… there’s no unrecognized files and browsers are put on web browser rule in defense+, also i turned off automatic updates for AV…

Pls help… i don’t wanna use any other security suite cause i didn’t have any malware issues with comodo for 3 years now

You don’t know that. :wink:

Mike, clean out the unrecognised files (Defence+ tab) and the browser cache(s) and see what happens.


By deleting everything in the “unrecognised” files under “defence” (using British spelling per original advice) would that do any harm? If it is ok to do that, experience here in this house seems? to indicate that the dreaded cmd agent is now behaving itself. It now going on two hours since I deleted everthing in there, following the young man’s advice, and the cmd agent has never gone higher than 5 percent. Immediately before, earlier in the evening, was hovering in the high 60s. Am keeping fingers crossed. It could be just a coincidence, since that cmd agent most definitely has a mind of its own. The CIS program (or programme if desired) I think is so marvelous that would put up with the cmd agent in any case.

Of course I don’t mean deleting the files entirely. You just take them off the Defence+ list. I can assure you that it helps as I had the same problem some time ago (see preceding posts, passim et ad nauseam).

Re your linguistic aside: on installation, many programs offer a choice of dozens of obscure languages (and then install the lot anyway). But I always miss my own preference “proper English”…

Some say tomahtoes and some say tomaytoes.

John (not a young man)

There are so many reports of cmdagent hogging the CPU. I have been facing this problem for quite some time. When I search, I only see the questions raised but no useful answers. I hope I can get some thing useful here. Below is the explanation of the problem I am facing.

I need to run selenium tests on my system. While these tests run, I start getting problem with cmdagent utilizing a lot of CPU. Even after I stop these tests, the problem does not go away. Sometimes I need to reboot my system to get back the CPU. Cmdagent uses the CPU anywhere between 70 - 100%. If I don’t run selenium tests, I don’t have any problems.

I am using CIS ver 5.10.228257.2253 and selenium version of 2.20.0 on WIN XP SP3.

Please help me solve this problem. Let me know if any additional information is needed from me.


Check the Unrecognised files (Defence+ tab). If there are many, tick them all and click on Remove. See if that helps. It certainly cured cmdagent going mad on my old XP machine. Strangely, on my Win7/64 machine I have never felt the need to do it.


Day two. Still seems to be working, the fix provided by the old fellow John. If in fact the dreaded “agent” has been fixed, would indeed be a curse removed. Still am not going to get excited until some more time passes.

Hovey, my old XP has been functioning perfectly for two months now. Every now and then I check the Unrecognised files and clear them out. Works a treat.

I should add that the fix was originally provided by Mouser.


i have none unrecognized files and it only happens while surfing the web aka changing websites … i’m using chrome… its clean installation on clean windows dunno what to do…i put chrome on web browser policy but no use…

pls help ty

Are you running Chrome sandboxed? (Is it in Computer security Policy ~ Always sandbox, or are you using ‘Run a program in the sandbox’?)

Is it an official release version, or a pre-release build?

nope sandbox is off and av is on stateful, i use only offical stable versions of chrome… i even reinstalled windows xp cause i thought there are leftovers of previous versions even though hadnt got any issues…i use chrome 18.0.1025.162

Are you running any add-ons?

If not please post your firewall and defence plus logs, and your defence plus active process list

Best wishes


i only use gmail checker plus, adblock plus and element block…
there is no firewall events…
this are defense +events and processes

Hi Stuntman

You active process list will help to see what permissions files are running with. Lack of permissions can cause CPU issues.

I am afraid the links you posted don’t work on my computer.

Best wishes


there you go :slight_smile:



Well something is causing files in a temporary directory to run and access CIS in memory, probably your browsers. Unfortunately your screenshots are very blurred and do not show full paths so I’m not clear what is running in many cases, though one program is TCP optimiser.

Also you are running at least one suspicious file - see your active process list.

So things are beginning to look a little bit worrying. Could you please post clearer and more complete screenshots, showing all the contents of all columns and several days worth of logs. You can append .jpg files direct to posts.

Meanwhile I would also 1) quarantine the suspicious file, unless sure it is safe 2) run a full scan of your computer on max scanning settings and quarantine anything that is detected 3) make sure your CIS security levels are at least as strong as those set by the proactive security configuration (if you think they are not just activate this config). Then post your AV logs if anything is detected.

I’ll split this off from this trace as its a bit lost

Best wishes


Also, if you are technically knowledgeable you could try running CCE as explained in this post here.

Please note that CCE can itself cause problems so please don’t do this without further guidance unless you understand what you are doing.

sry for blurry pic its 1280x1024… suspious file i use is program for fast switching between speakers and my usb headset so i dont need to go in control panel… the tcpoptimizer i used to optimize my connection for broadband thats all i have done full scan of my computer with quick sound switcher in startup and it has found nothing…

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Just add chrome.exe to exeptions list.

Comodo AV → Scanner Settings → Exclusion → Add → Running Processes → Chrome.exe