HG VPN Agent quits prematurely during scan

Dear Folks,

Since last 2 weeks i am no longer able to scan any of my internal targets using HG Agent. It seems to be quiting into ~30 seconds of the scan. Web interface generates blank report that it finds nothing. Of course i know that there should be open ports. I tried debugging it from the Agent console. I can easily ping all of the targets from the Agent console. There is no errors in the Agent console. All normal thing like VPN Established, Scan Started, Scan Completed. Interestingly enough the Scan Completed time stamp is many minutes after the report is generated. This issue is not new, i have had this problem for well over a year with Comodo. However, in the past all i had to do is run scan again and it would work correctly. This time this trick doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried moving the Agent VM to another system/datacenter, same results. I’ve tried downloading new VM from Comodo, same results. Is anyone else having problems with their internal scanner? this problem is eating me alive and Comodo support has not provided anything relevant to my case.

There was a issue with one of the components we use to provide this service which is now fixed. The LAN scanning issue you are experiencing with the HG Agent should now be resolved.

Not exactly, just ran 3 scans, 1st completed successfully with full report and the other 2 are back to blank reports.

Okay we’ll check this it may be some other issue. The problem you reported previously with consistent empty reports is resolved though.

I just started another scan and it seems to be scanning. I have a lot of targets to scan. I sure hope i don’t have rescan each one multiple times till i get a proper report.

No way the issue is resolved. All the same results just once in a while you mange to get proper scan done.

Okay thanks, we’ll investigate this.