Hey Melih!...

From the post above you posted back in November last year, We know TC is off course Threat Cast, But is Comodo Memory Firewall and CAVS 3 integration still planned to be into CFP 3? Basically… All I am saying is all the above still going to happen?

and when will 3.1 be out?


hi Josh

yes CMG will be a component of CFP soon.
CAV: still going… hope to have something soon…(the scanner that got added to CPF is working like charm… so fingers crossed we will now finalise the rest for a stand alone CAV release)


yes CMG will be a component of CFP soon.
And.... TC is already integrated in the new beta version of the firewall (look in the beta corner ;D)


Of course the firewall can still be available with out CAV?



I take it that being “a component” implies that the “Memory Firewall” will
be optional, i.e. being de-selectable at install time (please please)?

Because … you know … bloatware and stuff … 88)

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Yes… I see TC is already part of the new beta version!, and yes the CAVS 3 scanner in CFP 3 is working well :-), and Thanks for your reply Melih… You answered all my questions :)… at the moment… lol ;D


I am sure CFP 3, with CMG & CAVS 3 intergated, Will still keep CFP at low resource!


Hi Josh,

be that as it may (resource-wise), but that is not the main point :slight_smile:

I simply want to CHOOSE what to install, leaving out any superfluous stuff that I will
never use. One of the reasons for that is of course resource consumption. But there is
another important one: simplicity. I like to keep things simple. I dont like a gazillion
of options, plugins, etc. That is why I like to do ‘light’ installations.

And I know there are others who feel the same.

So all that I’m asking for is to keep things optional (on install time).

Winamp is a great example for that. If you do a custom installation, you can de-select just
about everything, and you can custom-tailor your installation to your very own needs :slight_smile:


Melih will get back to you ;D