hey I was wondering about the preformence impact of comodo and comodofirewall

specifically what is the recommended configuration on stronger/gaming machines. I’ve recently got a new computer with high-end hardware. I relayed in the past on Comodo to sandbox unknown programs which was extremely useful for me. But I don’t want to impacts the performance too significantly.

Comodo Internet Security is quite light on resources and the next major update is due to increase performance. There’s a hotfix on Monday but the next major release will be focused on performance and usability.

You can put CIS into “Silent Mode” manually before playing and that will delay any updates, scans and suppress notifications.

See attached with me playing Full Screen - Star Wars The Old Republic MMO.

P.S. I find network performance impact very minimal.


I run Comodo internet security with cs(cruelsister1) settings with a few changes to the av(Heuristics on and set to high) and hips set to safe mode and haven’t had any slow downs while gaming.U can find Cruelsisters setting on her youtube.Just look up cruelsister1 on there.