Hey Guys You'll Be Glad You Read This

;D first off my name is Reggie im from kentucky…i first started using Mcfaee yes i know it sucks…i had old computer it was 2006 model…mcfaee let everything in well i bought new computer laptop 2009 then new desktop in 2010…it came with norton…i always heard bad stuff about norton well anyways… norton was a complete joke IMO…sorry ive just had bad experience then i saw where norton talk about other AV…i started to dislike norton talk is cheap Put the AV In Action and who came out on top?..Comodo!!!..I Will Always Be With Comodo…I Will enjoy The Outcome…comodo saved my computer it picked up stuff norton missed…69$ for virus protection get outta of here…well take care im glad to be with the Comodo Team :D…by the way languy99 your the best at reviews on youtube take care guys

Welcome to the forums Reggie. :slight_smile:

hey ty ;D

Hi SolidSnake. Sorry to hear of your bad experience with the other.

More the merrier welcome and enjoy

Hello SolidSnake welcome to the club… :slight_smile:

ty comodo is great product and i know it will get better and better

“One of a kind”, comodo team…

hey and warm welcome :slight_smile:

if you have question just ask.

I have some tip for you… if you use MS 2010, deamon tools, alcohol 120 (or what it’s called) bufferoverflow will show up so press skip.

I also encourage you to add Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and Hitmanpro as on-demand scanner and scan when once a week or so.

Be aware that CIS might give FP (FP=False positive which means that a file is safe but considered to be a malware).

there are also some small tweaks you can do by disabling services that you don’t need.

Valentin N