Hey E-Merchants - how do your visitors know your site is safe?

YOU know your site is safe and trusted - you’ve even invested in trust indicators to differentiate yourself from the competition: EV SSL, a Comodo Trustmark, and/or a Comodo Hackerproof Trustmark.

??? Unfortunately, not every visitor to your site will know exactly what these trust indicators mean or how they provide them with needed assurance that your site is safe and trustworthy. ???

Comodo can help.

We’ve produced several versions of the “We Care for Your Security” video, one of which you can embed right on your website that clearly explains the specific security and trust indicators deployed on your site and how they keep your visitors safe. Click here to watch the version for customers who have deployed a Comodo EV certificate and Corner of trust, as an example. (Video will open in a new window)

There are six different versions of the we-care video, each describing a different set of Comodo offers. There’s likely to be one available that fits what you’ve deployed on your site. You can select between a male or female presenter for each version.

All the versions are available here. To embed it on your site, simply download or copy the embed code from the we-care site and paste it into a webpage on your site.

Upon doing so, you will be helping your visitors and customers know more about staying safe online, as well as the measures you’re taking as an e-merchant to follow the highest standards of online trust and security.