Heuristics sinsetivity adjustable . . .

I have programs on my system from Mark Russinovich creator of SysInternals that is now a part of Microsoft. I have his SysInternals Suite consisting of about 66 programs that they offer for FREE. Comodo’s AV seems to find a different program identified by Heuristics as some virus. I do not think so!!

Could there be a means of setting the Heuristics to a little less sensitive? Maybe Low, Med, Hi, Outrageous? Also have some programs from Gibson Research Corporation (GRC dot com) and DiamondCS which I feel are not really any sort of a threat. Or do I need to send them in to your AV group for analysis to get them to pass inspeciton?

Thank you for reading my posty toaster,

Hello NTxLS Again :slight_smile:

Depending on What Software is From http://www.grc.com if it is for testing then CIS is doing it’s job :)… Whether it’s for testing or for Real Life Situation…

And I believe DiamondCS is for Testing so Yeah :slight_smile: It falls under the “testing / Real life” situation…

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