My Comodo Antivirus found Heur.Suspicious[at]73308815 and Heur.Suspicious[at]71034465 ,both in .exe file. Is it false positive or not? thank you! Jan



Hi hony,

We are going to verify if the reported detections are false-positives or not. We’ll get back to you after reaching a conclusion.


Hi hony,

The false-positive was fixed with DB 2741. You can update the Virus Database to confirm.

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Hi can you please advise if the attached is the same thing?

Thanks in advance

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My Antivirus Alert is fixated on Heur.Suspicious[at]4618451. Please tell me this is a false positive and how to teach this to the AV Alert.

No response to post. I’d send the file as suggested to another poster below, but I can’t find it (them) in the depths of my computer. Please advise!

Hi I am installing freecall and I get continuous warnings of heur.suspicious viruses. is it a false positive?


possible FP, submit the installer here and give comodo a few days http://internetsecurity.comodo.com/submit.php


so, i just posted this at CIMA board but wanted to see if there was any other info - and it is this file that is getting quarantined…

as i say, any help appreciated!!

"CIMA looks great - but i have settings to “automatic quarantine” - so i guess there’s no way of submitting these files as when i try it says “access denied” or words to that effect…i guess i could restore the items - BUT seems like a scarey option - why would i risk restoring a virus to my system…sorry if i sound ignorant - i’m pretty much self taught on the pc…

further to this - the whole reason i’m looking at this is cos i’ve been having issues today with superantispyware - which i’ve used for about a month w no probs…but today it wanted to update the version & i’ve been unable to get it to run - have uninstalled - directly downloaded latest version from cnet - but i think the prob is the files that have been quarantined - I HAD CIS ON INSTALLATION MODE - this makes me suspicious…i mean, shouldn’t it have just set up with no probs like my original version a month ago…any ideas? help!

i include screenshot of quarantine folder for anyone who knows about this stuff to peruse…

thanks in advance for any help/advice anyone can give me!


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Emhami, please don’t cross post.

installing voipdiscount comodo finds Heur.Suspicious@83012681 and says it’s a virus.

False positive?

Submit the file to VirusTotal and see what all the other AV scanners there think.

If you feel it is a false positive, submit it to Comodo Malware Analysis and they’ll fix it.

Virus Total is really frustrating. the upload process stops at 92% and later this message comes:
Please report failure as: ErrorTime= “Nov 28 12:52:51”

Successfully uploaded to CMA though. Thanks for your help!

I have run a deep scan with comodo and it alerts on googlechrome and hitmanpro Heur.Suspicious@84316744. both exe. files. Is this a False positieve?

Read my post above.

sorry about the double posting - well, did anyone manage to submit this file & find out what the deal is with it?



During installation of Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro v I get continuous warnings of heur.suspicious@100848712
Is it a false positive?

It sounds like it could be a false positive. Please submit it following How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting ![.