Display Drivers
Heur.Suspicious@19393835 C:\Windows\System32\nvudisp.exe
Heur.Suspicious@19393835 C:\Windows\System32\NVUNINST.EXE
Heur.Suspicious@19393835 C:\Users\ron\AppData\Local\Temp\CDM{FC1B3CDA-EEB1-4C1E-8D3E-5061E93E356F}\nvudisp.exe
Heur.Suspicious@19393835 C:\Users\ron\AppData\Local\Temp\CDM{A9B6DC08-EEAB-48D8-A336-B0DDCD4E3D70}\nvudisp.exe
Heur.Suspicious@19393835 C:\Users\ron{402cf239-89b2-48ec-87bb-1b0f8cea9ab3}\SET267B.tmp
Heur.Suspicious@19393835 C:\Users\ron{f3d118c8-0c7b-4993-9e7f-48cb14eadbaa}\SETD36C.tmp

Name of detection: Heur.Suspicious

Virus sig database number: 1278

Edit: It was the real-time scanner that detected and schedule scan.

realtime scanner is set to On stateful, and Heuristics level is set to low.

I have also submitted from the program. How do I stop this?

Hi ronnycopeh,

We will get back to you after analysis.
Thanks for PF reporting.

-Chandra Mohan

Hi ronnycopeh,

The reported FP has been fixed.
Please verify with DB 1279.

-Chandra Mohan

Thanks just did a scan and its clean, just a question, why are there so many FP with legit software, I love comodo Av and it runs good with little or no problems