my friend earlier today sent me a link over msn which looked like it linked to a Facebook picture but when i clicked it i realised it was an exe file. i closed the link without opening the file almost immediatly, but it still seemed to get through.

could anyone tell me if heur.suspicious@114277585 is a virus or a false positive and also what it could do please.

one last thing im not the best with computers but i always thought that aslong as i didnt open the file even though i clicked on the link i would be fine, could someone tell me if this is ture or false and if true how the virus got through, thanks ;D

I suspect it is malware, but it is hard to know for sure unless you submit it to virustotal ( especially if it was making itself look like a picture but is a exe). It did not get through, what happened is that CIS caught it in ram and protected your computer. Don’t worry.

Hello mjones167,

The file you have received from your friend it’s not a False Positive, so please remove it using Comodo Internet Security.

Best regards,

thanks for the quick reply and for clearing that up for me i was worried i would have to change all my passwords :smiley:

i was worried i would have to change all my passwords
That person is saying it's "infected", seriously change your passwords