After proper upgradation of virus database suddenly COMODO is detecting Heur.packed.unknown in my system 32 files. When i try to quarantine/remive it, it requests a restart. But on restarting it gives the message that it was unable to remove the same. Kindly advice

What is the name of the file that is being flagged? What OS are you on?

Can you see if it is a Windows system file? Click right on the concerned file and choose Properties and look through the tabs for clues.

I am on Windows XP, the file affeted is windows file, named bwwvmgq.dll

No such file in my XP SP3 system32 folder. This is definitely a nasty.

Gonna move this post to the Virus/Malware Removal Assistance board. Follow What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.2 and post back the results.

I have XP and I have Huer Quarteened in my Documents in settings how can I get rid of it THANKS twaldrip

Follow the guide I mentioned in my previous post and see if that helps you out.

Keep us posted.